Stewart Garry New Album & Film Project

Stewart Garry New Album & Film Project

Folk guitarist Stewart Garry’s 2nd album will be recorded live in different locations around the UK, and filmed at the same time.

Virtuoso folk guitarist Stewart Garry needs your help to record his new album in the summer of 2015!Stewart’s instrumental music is best experienced live, so for this album we decided to do something a bit different. Instead of hiring a studio, we want to record live performances all over the UK – Edinburgh, Newcastle, Islay, Cornwall – in locations that have influenced or inspired the music. Have you ever heard a solo acoustic guitar recorded in a whiskey distillery?

We guarantee the album will sound pretty darn unique, but on top of that, we’ll be filming the performances so that you can experience these awesome locations, and watch Stewart’s hands in action. We’ll even make the complete album into a short film that connects our journey and shares some of the stories behind the songs.

Stewart has been working on this set of songs for a couple of years now, honing them down through a lot of performance. These really are brilliantly crafted, imaginative and memorable songs and we want to do our utmost to do them justice.

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