East Indian Rosewood

East Indian Rosewood

Dalbergia Latifolia

Great bottom end and strong mid tones at a very affordable price have helped make it the most popular choice of back & sides in acoustic guitar building for many decades now, the strong but warm tone makes it a great ‘all–rounder’ choice.  Its appearance tends to be mostly a mixture of browns and purples.

Sound Clips

Sound Clip - cedar top – fs1 – d.moanSound Clip - Cedar Top – Moon River – S.SimpsonSound Clip - spruce top – bittersweet – j.traceySound Clip - cedar top – water is wide – s.simpsonSound Clip - cedar top – lazy blues – m.lyttleSound Clip - cedar top – fs3 – d.moanSound Clip - spruce top – nylon2 – m.lyttleSound Clip - spruce top – frantic – m.lyttleSound Clip - spruce top – grouse – j.traceySound Clip - cedar top – fs2 – d.moanSound Clip - spruce top – nylon1 – m.lyttleSound Clip - spruce top – s320a – m.steenson

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